The first batch of RFID electronic tag pigs listed

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The first batch of RFID tag pigs in China are listed in Chengdu

recently, China's first batch of RFID tag pigs were listed in Chengdu, and Chengdu citizens are fortunate to become the first citizens to eat the safe traceability pork of electronic tags in China. Deng Chuan, the executive deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Leng Gang, the vice mayor, attended the RFID electronic tag pig test. At the end of the test, they automatically calculated the maximum force, upper and lower yield strength, hysteresis ring method, gradual approximation method, non proportional extension strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation at any point, load extension at any point, modulus of elasticity, elongation, maximum value, minimum value, average value, net energy, turn back energy, total energy Zigzag modulus, breaking point displacement x% load, breaking point load x% displacement, and so on

On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Deng Chuan congratulated the RFID tag pig on its successful listing. He pointed out that the implementation of the national gold card project "Sichuan RFID pig project" pilot is an important measure for the Qionglai municipal Party committee and government to seriously implement the scientific concept of development, comprehensively solve the "three rural" issues, and promote the construction of a new socialist countryside. It is also a major event for Chengdu to enhance the market competitiveness of pig products, enhance the brand image of pigs, and finally realize the further internationalization of Sichuan pigs

Deng Chuan said that the "Sichuan RFID pig project" is a specific practical application of modern information technology in the field of agriculture. It is an innovative model to achieve agriculture 3. Uniform welding package, product quality and efficiency improvement, and increase household income. In the future, the government can use this system to store and transmit information with farmers to prevent and control major epidemics; Farmers can use RFID technology to realize digital and standardized production, resist market risks and increase income; Enterprises can use RFID technology for perspective management of the whole process of production, logistics and retail; Citizens can eat safe and assured high-quality pork with the help of RFID technology

Deng Chuan hopes that all districts (cities) and counties can seriously learn from the mechanical Qionglai experience of the initial horizontal tensile testing machine, vigorously promote the Sichuan RFID pig project, and make more positive contributions to further improve the quality of pig products in the city, establish a good image of Sichuan pig brand, and realize that Sichuan pigs go abroad more and better. (end) (chenfangyao)

source: Chengdu

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