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The first batch of spare parts assembly project of Shaanxi Automobile West Africa was successfully completed

the first batch of spare parts assembly project of Shaanxi Automobile West Africa was successfully completed

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recently, the 505th shacman F2000 product was successfully offline in the assembly plant in West Africa, which is a small number of electrical film and packaging film, and passed the acceptance of lithium cobalt, which currently accounts for about 40% of the market, This marks the successful completion of the non first batch of spare parts assembly projects, and also provides valuable experience for the follow-up overseas spare parts assembly projects of Shaanxi Automobile Group

in 2015, Shaanxi Automobile overseas office contacted with the largest industrial group in Africa. After dozens of communication and visits by sales representatives, they became interested in shacman products and purchased more than 100 product vehicles. During the use period, except for the normal replacement of vulnerable parts, all product vehicles did not have any problems, successfully establishing customers' trust in shacman heavy trucks and laying a solid foundation for subsequent cooperation

in 2016, the import and export company signed an order contract with the customer for more than 500 spare parts, promising to deliver the whole vehicle to the customer within 3 months after the spare parts arrived locally. In this regard, the group company attaches great importance to this. It has transferred elite troops from all units to jointly establish a West Africa bulk parts project team with the resident office, and arrived at the resident for work at the first time. After fully understanding the production situation of the assembly plant, the project team carried out innovative work in four aspects: material distribution, production process tracking, quality control and offline commissioning, which greatly improved the correctness and timeliness of parts unpacking, sorting and distribution, as well as the quality and efficiency of vehicle assembly and commissioning. After nearly a month of vehicle assembly and training for local workers, the project team has gradually changed from a product assembly operator to a product quality manager. The assembly speed of the factory has been increased from 5 vehicles/day to 10 vehicles/day, laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of subsequent production

the customer review team gave a thumbs up to the comrades of the project team after seeing the day and night struggling Shaanxi Automobile team and excellent products in the assembly plant: "I didn't expect you to produce such excellent products while rapidly improving the assembly efficiency. Your Shaanxi Automobile team is really great. I believe in your strength!"

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