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Smart Spring City: the first batch of smart street lights appeared on Langchao road

recently, citizens working and living near Langchao road in Jinan high tech Zone quietly felt that Langchao road became brighter and more comfortable at night. Careful citizens also found that there were "pigtails" on the top of roadside street lights, and HD cameras were added in some important areas, Like a pair of bright big eyes watching and guarding the peace and tranquility of the city. What is quietly changing the life of Jinan people? It turned out that Inspur Group carried out the first smart street lamp pilot in Jinan

intelligent lighting control, with a power saving rate of 76%

69 intelligent LED street lamps on Langchao road adopt ultra narrow band zeta wireless communication technology, realizing the world's fastest single lamp control scheme. The power of LED street lamps is automatically adjusted according to different periods of time. According to the actual power statistics, the energy saving rate of the transformed Langchao street lamps has reached 76%, truly achieving on-demand lighting

intelligent manhole covers, high-definition monitoring, and the urban security tide guard

there are up to 259 manhole covers on Inspur Road (including sidewalks). Once damaged or tilted, it will bring huge safety hazards to vehicles and pedestrians. Now with the intelligent manhole cover, once the manhole cover is abnormal, the system will automatically alarm the maintenance personnel for timely treatment, and there is no need to worry about the hidden dangers such as the "missing" of the manhole cover and endangering the safety of pedestrians

at the south entrance of Jingshi Road and Langchao Road, the sealant jc/t 881 ⑵ 001 129 is used for the joints of concrete buildings, and the sealant is used for the joints of curtain wall glass. Langchao science and Technology Park low cost West B2 (combustible building materials): combustible materials have a certain flame retardant effect. Doors and other intersections cooperate with high-definition cameras to guard the safety of Langchao road at any time. In the near future, video surveillance data will also be accessed to aicheng, so that the general public can share the safety and convenience of high technology

free WiFi, enjoy the fast lane on the expressway

walk on the Inspur Road, turn on the WLAN function, and you can search the signal full "Inspur SCU" login point, 100m optical fiber broadband line, and connect to the free WiFi on the Inspur Road, which is equivalent to boarding the express on the expressway. Hexply m21e/ima prepreg of Hexcel company is used by Tata advanced materials to manufacture beams and composite plates of Airbus A350 XWB

in addition, smart street lamps are also equipped with meteorological environment monitoring, one button alarm, intelligent charging pile and other devices. At present, data access, commissioning and other work are being carried out. It will soon be opened to the public through platforms such as aicheng, so that people can enjoy the convenience brought by smart cities

Langchao road is the first smart road based on the construction of smart city in Jinan. With the promotion and application of smart street lights such as Langchao road in the city, "smart spring city" will become more "smart and smart". Langchao will also strengthen cooperation with Jinan municipal government, continue to expand smart transportation, medical treatment, government affairs and other fields, and build Jinan into a smart city with "good perception, breathing and temperature"

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