The first batch of smart streetlights in Wuhan are

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The first batch of smart street lights in Wuhan appear to charge new energy vehicles

the first batch of smart street lights in Wuhan appear on Sanyang road. Photo by Zhou Chao (source: Yu Linwei)

on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, if you pass Sanyang road and Macao Road in Hankou, you will be surprised to find that the street lights on both sides of the road have turned into colorful "S-shaped small waist". Yangtze River learned from Wuhan power supply company on the 24th that the first batch of smart street lamps in Wuhan were unveiled. In addition to their distinctive shapes, they also added video, 5g, charging pile and other functions

more than 150 street lamps are S-shaped and can emit light of various colors.

"these new street lamps are quite flashing and beautiful." On the 24th, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Sanyang square, saw it first. Unlike previous street lamps with straight white columns, the shape of smart street lamp poles generally looks like S-shaped, and is equipped with S-shaped LED light bands

why should street lamps be designed in S shape? The person in charge of Wuhan street lamp management service center said that the lamp belt is perpendicular to the main axis of the Yangtze River, starting from Jianshe Avenue and ending at Yanjiang Avenue. There are four separate places. People use full-phase microscope to inspect the metal microstructure. The ramp is connected with Jinghan Avenue and Zhongshan Avenue. This 1 Industrial manufacturing is one of the most prosperous and crowded sections in Wuhan, and it is also the entrance and exit of Wuhan's Second Yangtze River Tunnel in Hankou. During the military games next year, it will become a crowd gathering place and a window to show the image of the city. In order to echo with the flowing water of the Yangtze River, S-type street lamps were specially made, which were called "small Manyao street lamps" by nearby citizens, and more than 150 lamps were installed in the first batch

unlike ordinary street lamps, which only glow at the top of the lamp, smart street lamps can glow all over the body a few days ago. The LED light band can call out a variety of colors, just like neon flashing. In festivals or special time points, lights can "dance" and become colorful. They can also change color with the density of traffic flow, playing a warning role. The person in charge of the project said that the LED has soft light, less glare and high luminous efficiency. There is a single lamp controller on each street lamp, which can collect technical parameter information and adjust the power in conjunction with the flow of people and vehicles, so as to achieve better energy-saving effect

the multi-purpose display screen of the street lamp pole broadcasts weather and other information

"this is not only the street lamp, but also the interface of the smart city." The person in charge of the Engineering Department of Wuhan street lamp management service center said that the pole is connected or reserved with multiple functional entrances

the light pole can be equipped with monitoring probes of public security and traffic control for video monitoring of road public safety. The large LED display screen on the back of the lamp pole can roll the screen to broadcast public information such as weather forecast, and also monitor the current PM2 Non initial supporters will spend 155 euros ($170) 5 for screen display. Touch screens are set on the base of some light poles at the intersection of major roads. Passers-by can directly query the information of geography, scenic spot tourism, commercial shopping and so on through the touch screen above. Government issued, warnings, public service advertisements and so on can also be displayed through the touch screen. Some light poles also have integrated broadcasting functions. When there are many tourists, the role of street lights can be more obvious: while monitoring road traffic flow, pedestrian safety, urban management, while prompting weather, pedestrian flow, violations and other information, you can also broadcast radio to create a city atmosphere and stop violations. When there is a large number of people, the display screen will give an early warning prompt, and the brightness of the street lights will increase accordingly

the connection of smart streetlights forms an IOT, which realizes a variety of applications through the back-end big data platform. According to the person in charge of Wuhan street lamp management service center, there is a pole every 11 meters in some sections of Wuhan at present, and each pole carries different functions. After the emergence of smart street lights, the "shared lamp pole", as a composite utilization device, is conducive to reducing the repeated construction of urban poles, avoiding the chaos of poles on both sides of urban roads, especially at intersections, and effectively saving urban ground and space resources. Cities can become more beautiful and intelligent

5g entrance is reserved for charging new energy vehicles

according to the person in charge of Wuhan street lamp management service center, smart street lamps also reserve entrance for charging new energy vehicles, 5g and other applications in the future

it is reported that smart street lamps have reserved charging piles for new energy vehicles. In the future, in the parking space beside the street lamp, new energy vehicles can stop and connect to the lamp pole charging pile for charging. Smart streetlights also have 5g entrances, and there should be a micro base station per meter of 5g network. Smart streetlights have the advantages of power supply, height and density, and have inherent advantages for carrying future 5g micro base stations. The 5g micro base station space made of plexiglass is reserved on the top of the lamp poles of these smart street lamps

According to the person in charge of Wuhan power supply company, Wuhan will summarize the application experience of the first batch of smart street lamps, promote their use in other road sections in a timely manner, and continue to expand smart applications. In the future, the lamp post can further load RFID electronic tags, parking meters, traffic indicators, road signs, parking fee signs and even special vehicle information screens as needed. (MA Zhenhua, correspondent Wang Xin)

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