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Smart solar controller adds new functions for remote monitoring

on August 13, 2009, jmdm solar controller of Jingmin digital machine Co., Ltd. can monitor remotely with RS485 communication interface

jmdm-sc16-rs485 solar controller is a multifunctional solar controller with RS485 communication interface independently developed by Shenzhen Jingmin digital machine Co., Ltd. through special jmdm solar monitoring software, It can easily realize the real-time monitoring of the running state of jmdm-sc160-rs485 solar controller, parameter setting and remote control of multiple solar controllers through RS485 communication

1. monitor the charging state of the solar controller: stop charging, charging state

2. Monitor the charging state of the solar controller: discharge stop, overcharge state, overcharge state

3. monitor the battery voltage of the solar control system

4. calculate the normal working time of the solar energy control system according to the set system parameters and display it with an icon

5. The external power supply and shutdown of solar control can be controlled by the forced output and forced shutdown button on the software interface

6. you can choose to monitor the solar energy control system at the corresponding address

7. the working time of the solar energy E control system can be set after dark

jmdm-sc160-rs485 solar controller features:

it uses a multi-functional low-power eight bit single chip microcomputer to control the charge and discharge of solar photovoltaic panels and batteries according to their characteristics, and plays the role of overcharge protection and over discharge protection for batteries, as well as unique special functions such as light control switching and time control switching; It is suitable for automatic control and condition monitoring of solar energy in power generation occasions with power below 160W. Jmdm-sc16-rs485 solar controller, together with silicon photovoltaic panels, maintenance free batteries and LED lights, can form a small solar power generation lighting system, which can be used for solar power learning, testing, civil and industrial purposes

the functional characteristics are as follows:

1, multi-function, low-power eight bit MCU intelligent control

2, 12v/24v automatic identification

3. Support the segmented control of the voltage of solar cells and batteries, so that the deformation of the sample can be obtained, and the conversion efficiency of solar cells and the service life of batteries can be high

4. When the battery is in the initial working state, pulse charging is used to improve the conversion efficiency of solar energy and ensure the charging effect of the battery. When the battery is full, stop charging to prevent overheating and accelerated aging of the battery

5. Using contactless switching technology, high temperature resistance and anti-aging materials are considered to be the most promising technology, with long service life and high sensitivity

6. Support to select a variety of time delays to close the output to meet the diversified actual needs of users

7. Support single and dual output

8. The dual output of the controller supports 11 working modes:

one output has the function of automatic light control and multiple delay shutdown; One way output has automatic light control function (Note: light control means that the solar controller judges and controls whether to transmit power to the outside according to the light intensity). For the working mode setting of two outputs, see the following section VI: "VI. load power supply mode setting:" working mode setting "

9. Single channel output of controller: only one load is connected in the two-channel output

10. Manually force on and off the load output function

11. Internal watchdog and software reset function

12. Intelligent real-time battery capacity display

13. Lightning protection

14. Overcharge and overcurrent protection to prevent battery and controller damage

15. Load short-circuit protection

16. Aluminum shell is adopted, which can dissipate heat quickly and resist strong electromagnetic interference

17. Fully sealed design, good moisture resistance

18. Support RS485 communication to realize simultaneous remote monitoring of multiple computers

technical parameters:

rated working voltage: 12V (24V); Static working current: 6mA

rated charging current: 8A; Rated load current: 8A

working temperature: -20~65 ℃; Environmental humidity: 90%

pulse charging voltage: 14V (28V); Recovery charging voltage: 13.4v (26.8v)

battery off charge voltage: 14.8V (29.6v); Over discharge voltage: 10.8V (21.6v)

recovery discharge voltage: 12.4V (24.8v); Lighting voltage: 2.5V (5V)

off voltage: 3.5V (7V); Own power consumption: 0.2~0.3w

overall dimension: 71mm*105mm*46mm; Installation size: 118mm*16mm

(Note: the first set of production line is planned to be put into trial production at the end of June 2018; the second set of production line is expected to be completed by the end of March 2019. The equipment installation number is the technical parameters of 24V battery and photoelectric board)

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