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Stay with you and wait to overcome this epidemic

all things in the world are endless and changeable. Who would have expected that a sudden novel coronavirus virus swept the originally happy and peaceful Chinese New Year

when the avalanche happens, no snowflake is innocent. Similarly, at present, every enterprise and even everyone has the same type of reducer, including helical gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, cycloid needle gear reducer, worm gear reducer, planetary friction mechanical stepless speed reducer, etc

as an enterprise with a sense of society, we not only adhere to the principles of the enterprise and protect the health of employees, but also help employees and customers actively respond to this avalanche of epidemic events through a series of digital working methods and intelligent product technologies. Of course, we are also full of hope that the current haze will eventually disappear

first of all, in order to better meet the needs of users, our company has opened all customer service channels on February 1 and officially resumed work on February 10

in order to respond to the call of the government and ensure the safety of employees, all employees of our company will respond to consultation and technical support in a way. Our sales staff will also communicate with customers through visits, obtain application pain points and urgent needs through contactless means, and provide solutions, striving to minimize the impact of the epidemic

if you have any questions or needs, you can contact us in the process of "greening" plastic flexible packaging:

● contact local sales by online means such as email,,, video

● in addition to contacting local sales, you can also obtain support through national services

● product, application and other information can be inquired through our official wechat product information or official

in addition, Our products can be ordered normally at present, but the logistics may be affected by policies in different regions. For details, you can contact us through the above services or corresponding sales

this epidemic also makes us more aware that the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry can really bring us the stability and certainty we need in the changing era. I various products touch the test of tightening force. FM is already ready for this battle on the road of digital sensing and communication

as an overall application solution combining software and hardware, IFM's vibration diagnosis system and IO link products can not only monitor the equipment status and parameters of the production line in real time, but also store data, predictive maintenance and energy consumption monitoring through lineorder smartobserver software, which controls and transmits the behavior of connected machines, and easily realizes remote monitoring and office work! For more information, click here

at this moment, the virus widens our distance, but shortens our desire to help each other. Although we can't accompany you, we will also solve your problems digitally

may we go hand in hand to overcome difficulties

have love in our hearts, bless China

finally, on this special day

I also wish you a happy Valentine's day

and warmth

at the end of the article, I also offer you anti epidemic tips

wash your hands frequently every day, ventilate indoors frequently

pay attention to the disinfection of the environment and daily necessities

reduce unnecessary going out, wear a mask when going out

take your temperature consciously, if there are relevant symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible

do a good job in personal protection and be responsible for yourself, family and society

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