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Anze valve: closed sampling system serves the field of chemical analysis

Premier Li Keqiang said at the second session of the 13th National People's Congress: "continue to promote pollution prevention and control, expand green environmental protection industry, consolidate and expand the achievements of the blue sky defense war. As the main body of pollution prevention and control, enterprises must perform environmental protection according to law." China unswervingly implements innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development. Premier Li Keqiang said at the second session of the 13th National People's Congress: "continue to promote pollution prevention and control, expand green environmental protection industries, consolidate and expand the achievements of the blue sky defense war. As the main body of pollution prevention and control, enterprises must perform environmental protection in accordance with the law." China has unswervingly implemented the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, which has brought opportunities and challenges to valve enterprises. Anze (AZ for short) has been committed to the design and manufacture of environment-friendly closed sampling systems. AZ has full say in how to safely and easily obtain representative samples to serve the subsequent field of chemical analysis

some people say that sampling analysis is like a pair of eyes for chemical production activities, which is not too much. All production links of the chemical plant cannot be separated from sampling analysis. Through sampling analysis, we can determine whether the currently running materials are qualified and whether the device operates smoothly and safely. We can also make appropriate adjustments to the operation plan in time according to the sampling analysis results to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the device. Anze valve is a valve company established in Germany in 1963, which is committed to the manufacture of special valves with high corrosion resistance. It is a professional company famous for all types of plug valves and sampling systems for various media. At present, the company has four manufacturing companies in Germany, South Africa, Brazil and China. AZ set up a Shanghai Trading Company in 2008, set up a factory in Taicang, China in 2010, and began operation in 2012. Wu Chen, general manager of Taicang company, said, "ance valve (Taicang) Ltd. is one of AZ's four major manufacturing bases, mainly responsible for product manufacturing, technical support, innovation and R & D in the Asia Pacific region. It is one of AZ's three major R & D bases in the world. As China attaches importance to environmental protection, safety and health, we take green development as our research and development direction. Anze will continue to research and develop precise and reliable valve structures, select high-quality materials, adopt advanced processing technology and strict high-standard quality assurance system, and conduct 100% inspection on each batch of incoming originals, accessories and finished products. Since 2017, AZ company has carried out corporate social assessment, obtained excellent scores, and was recommended by TFs members to the first batch of on-site audit list. After the audit of the third party, AZ company obtained a higher score again and obtained the TFs certificate. TFs (together for sustainability) is an initiative initiated by major companies in the chemical industry. Its purpose is to jointly audit their common trading partners and improve the sustainable development of their global supply chain. "

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the advantages of Anze valve are no cavity, maintenance free, self-lubricating and zero leakage. The most prominent performance is the long service life of plug valve and the application of a wide variety of special materials. As a new type of valve, sampling valve has been more and more popular with device designers in recent years. Compared with the traditional on-off valve, the sampling valve has particularly prominent advantages, which can provide a pollution-free operating environment, protect (for example, rope samples with a diameter of less than 1mm protect the health and safety of operators and are conducive to environmental protection. AZ has a long history of research and development in the field of sampling valves. In 1992, AZ sampling system sampling came out and obtained patent protection. This is a liquid medium sampling system designed based on AZ's decades of research and development in the field of plug valves and the accumulation of experience in actual working conditions, which can be directly installed on the process pipeline or bypass. Wu Chen said: "Aviation fuel is directly related to flight safety. The aviation kerosene in the aviation fuel storage tank of the airport needs to be sampled and tested regularly to ensure that it meets the flight standards. However, the aviation fuel storage tank is generally bulky, with a height of 25 meters. The operator needs to climb the roof with the help of a ladder, open the sampling port on the tank top, and add a gasket between the oil collector and the pump body to help the special tools to complete the sampling. During the sampling process, manual operation is required, because the liquid sample is being transferred It is easy to spill, causing environmental pollution and forming potential fire hazards; More importantly, the oil products taken out are often not accurately reflected in the upper, middle and bottom of the tank. In June 2017, AZ received a request from China Aviation Fuel Group Co., Ltd. to provide a sampling system scheme for the supporting aviation fuel storage tanks of Beijing Daxing International Airport under construction. After two months, we designed and built a prototype of the aviation oil three-point sampling system; By may, 2018, the test required by the customer company had been completed, and by the end of 2018, 8 sets of device systems had been produced and delivered for use. " Wu Chen said that in the chemical industry, the large single equipment of most large-scale devices often operates under the working conditions of flammability, explosion, high temperature and high pressure. The diameter of the valve is large, and the requirements for sealing cannot be careless. AZ uses the blank of the seal to press into the bushing, and then it needs to be heated, and then use the mold to pressurize, so the hot processing and cutting are too C. full active fixture: from the size measurement of the sample to the clamping process, it needs to be carried out three times. After three times, the valve body and the bushing are tightly connected as a whole, extending the service life. Of course, this manufacturing form also has some shortcomings. When disassembling, the valve seat cannot be simply replaced like the ball valve, but if a bushing is directly added into the valve body, the sealing effect of hot pressing in the valve cavity is not good, and the advantage of good sealing performance of plug valve is reduced. The strict requirements for the manufacturing process, correspondingly, the production cost of AZ plug valve will be relatively high. However, with the reliability and total cost of service life of AZ plug valve, it is gradually accepted and selected by domestic users. At present, the world's largest full bore plug valve can reach 24 inches, weighs 3 tons, adopts the casting process, and the maximum working temperature is 320 ℃. The customer's demand promotes AZ's continuous expansion in the product field

Liao Gang, domestic sales manager of Anze valve, added that in recent months, the price of MDI (diphenylmethane diisocyanate) in the domestic market is like a roller coaster, and recently it has shown a rapid upward trend. There is a saying in the industry: there are countless enterprises that can produce Baijiu, but there are no more than 10 companies that can produce MDI in the world. It is mainly because MDI has high production investment cost, great technical difficulty and high capital and technical barriers. Looking ahead, MDI technology is mainly concentrated in the hands of large chemical enterprises such as covestro, BASF and Yantai Wanhua. The transmission medium of MDI device is mostly flammable, explosive, toxic and high melting point. The guidelines for safe production management of phosgene and phosgene gasification products issued by the State Administration of work safety has special provisions on valves used in such production. AZ's FSN type high-performance sealing structure can solve the corrosivity and acute toxicity of such working conditions, and is especially suitable for toxic, particle scouring, and crystalline polymer media. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry is an important part of the national economy, which plays a very important role in protecting and improving people's health, promoting economic development and social progress. However, in both chemical and pharmaceutical industries, except for finished products, there are toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive substances in almost the whole production process, such as benzene, acetic acid, acetic acid and so on, which are common raw materials and intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the device, it is an essential and important link to determine whether the products are qualified through sampling and analysis in the production process. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of sampling, large domestic pharmaceutical enterprises rely on the long-standing experience and innovative sampling technology of Anze. In the latest transformation of Leling sampling device, 22 contiflow pipeline sampling systems and 20 PTS tank top sampling systems were selected. He said that the contiflow sampling system adheres to AZ's consistent characteristics of no cavity and maintenance free, and uses the rotation of the cock to quantitatively transfer the medium in the main channel to the sampling bottle. This design ensures the typical discontinuous sampling from the process pipeline without interrupting the fluid. The whole sampling process is carried out under closed conditions, which will not bring pollution risk to the latter, and ensure that the freshest sample solution is obtained under sterile conditions

in AZ company, for example, Wu Chen's concept of energy conservation and environmental protection in the testing process has been widely promoted and inherited, and has penetrated into various fields such as enterprise management and innovation. First, Anze's scour resistant plug valve can prevent and control water pollution in the field of industrial water treatment. With the development of modern industry, the composition of industrial wastewater is becoming increasingly complex, which has a great impact on the environment. As the weakest link in the chain of water pollution prevention and control, industrial wastewater is known as one of the most difficult "bones" in the water treatment industry, especially industrial wastewater with high concentration of organic matter, high ammonia nitrogen content and high salt content. Anze scour resistant plug valve performs well in industrial wastewater such as sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride and sodium sulfate with a solid content of 10~30%, which is also an urgent need for energy conservation and environmental protection of chemical enterprises under the concept of modern environmental protection. This series of plug valves use ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene bushing instead of conventional PTFE bushing, which has more wear resistance, corrosion resistance and lubricity. Compared with other regulating valves, Anze cock has its own lubrication property and higher service life; Second, the combination valve with different plug forms of Anze valve can save resources. The combination valve, flushing valve and multi-path plug valve with different plug forms developed by Anze break through the limitations of traditional multi valve control, realize the reversing function, reduce the use of valves on the pipeline, reduce the volume and weight of valves, and effectively save energy resources; Third, the safety closed sampling system of Anze valve can shut out the danger. As early as the 1990s, AZ technical team recognized the importance and inevitability of the application of safe closed sampling in chemical working conditions. The medium in the main channel is quantitatively transferred to the sampling bottle by the rotation of the cock. The whole sampling process can ensure the isolation of the sample, pipeline system and sampling container from the atmosphere. According to the requirements of different working conditions, provide a variety of high-quality materials and sampling bottle systems. For example, the needle sampling system has high tightness, which can meet the sampling needs of high toxic environment. Modern green chemical industry urgently needs a large number of valve products with high quality and in line with environmental protection standards. Ance has accumulated rich experience in this regard, and can develop products with more technical advantages, energy conservation and environmental protection according to the needs of customers and the needs of the market

Wu Chen said, "ance valve (Taicang) In 2013, the company obtained the digital enterprise of Taicang City, and established a digital platform in the whole process of manufacturing. From customer acquisition, order production, procurement, manufacturing, delivery, to after-sales maintenance, it is managed on a life cycle platform. In each process, we collect more data and use Bi analysis to get the support we want. Today, big data makes innovative technologies more grassroots, fragmented and specific, and has also become an important production factor in the valve industry. As a mechanical manufacturing industry, we can only use flexible systems for single piece production. The production characteristics of large batches of single pieces determine that it is difficult for us to use the manufacturing system of the automotive industry to deal with it. We use additive technology and 3D printing to carry out technology research and development for the global market, and use big data information to establish user behavior habits and

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