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The probability is 30%! Lovol micro excavation fr18e

the probability of determination is 30%! Lovol micro dig fr18e-u is favored by customers

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on August 9, 2017, Lovol construction machinery group fr18e-u micro dig promotion conference was successfully held on the beautiful west coast of Qingdao. More than 40 customers from Shandong, Anhui, Henan and other regions attended the promotion conference. The atmosphere was high, and the probability was 30%

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at this promotion meeting, a number of Lovol fr18e-u micro excavation products equipped with different accessories were displayed on site. The customers who attended the meeting were attracted by this product at the first glance. Through the technical explanation of the R & D personnel and the customer's test drive, the users had a deep understanding of Lovol micro excavation products in a short time. Applicable materials of Lovol FR18: metal, non-metallic materials and other E-U micro excavation adopts imported Yama engine, Japan bueryue main pump and travel motor, Eaton rotary motor, nabotsk main valve, with chassis expansion, boom side displacement and other functions, three pump full power automatic control, adjust operating power according to real-time working conditions, give full play to hydraulic performance, configure high-end, which is one of the few in the industry, The real sense of tailless micro excavation. Lovol fr18e-u micro excavation is not only suitable for urban municipal engineering, road maintenance, basement, urban reconstruction and other construction, but also suitable for mountain tree planting, reclamation and trenching, agricultural testing results will be small, industrial orchard planting, vegetable greenhouses, indoor construction demolition and other narrow space construction site operations, which can be described as a great helper for machinery to replace labor

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Lovol micro dig fr18e-u is favored by customers

providing users with the best quality products and services and creating the greatest value for users is the market development goal that Lovol engineering machinery has always adhered to. Lovol fr18e-u micro excavation is a flexible tailless micro excavation equipment with breakthrough significance in the industry. It is a tailless mini excavator of real significance developed by Lovol Japan R & D center under the global brand positioning, perfect product line and continuous breakthrough of medium and large excavation

At the event site, Lovol prepared rich "five gifts" for ordering customers in order to give back the trust and support of new and old customers for Lovol construction machinery. According to the characteristics and real needs of micro excavation customers, Lovol achieved comprehensive policy coverage in product quality, after-sales service guarantee and sales price. Finally, through LOVOL Construction Machinery Group's rising enterprise strength and product quality in the industry, In addition, Lovol's on-site customers are enthusiastic and have achieved a remarkable success in ordering 15 machines on site. They jointly research and develop forklifts suitable for China's national conditions, and then completely lock the black knob hydrostatic system. (this article is from Lovol)

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