Ge wins the bid for avionics system of domestic la

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Ge won the bid for the avionics system of domestic large aircraft

as COMAC, which is responsible for the research and development and design of domestic large aircraft, signed a letter of intent with GE and AVIC on the cooperation of avionics core processing, display, on-board maintenance and flight recording system of C919 large aircraft yesterday, the selection of C919 large aircraft suppliers was basically completed, and a number of foreign and state-owned enterprises and three private enterprises were shortlisted

the joint venture company formed by GE and AVIC will develop avionics core processing, display, on-board maintenance and flight recording system for C919 large passenger aircraft, with Chinese and foreign sides accounting for 50% equity respectively

avionics core processing, display, on-board maintenance and flight recording system is a very key system of modern passenger aircraft, which is directly related to the progressiveness, safety, reliability and convenient maintenance characteristics of aircraft

in order to speed up the research and development of avionics systems, AVIC also signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Shanghai Municipal People's government yesterday to jointly invest in the development of civil aircraft avionics industry. The two sides will work together to develop China's civil avionics industry and build a civil avionics industry base

during the signing ceremony, AVIC Avionics Systems Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of AVIC that we hope can promote the solution of the increasingly serious pollution situation in the logistics industry as soon as possible, also signed a cooperation agreement on the joint implementation of civil aircraft avionics industrialization projects with Shanghai Minhang District People's government and Shanghai Zizhu Science Park Development Co., Ltd

in addition, AVIC Avionics Systems Co., Ltd. also signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Instrument and Electronics Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zijiang Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Yantai Lantian Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Minhang Investment Construction Co., Ltd. to jointly invest and establish a civil aircraft avionics industry company

after the signing of the agreement of avionics system suppliers, in addition to the interior system under negotiation of the letter of intent or the evaluation of the proposal, and the cabin system, information system, cabin entertainment system and engine interface control unit in the avionics system, the main suppliers of C919 large passenger aircraft have been basically determined. At present, 13 international aviation manufacturing enterprises in Europe and the United States have adopted joint ventures with domestic enterprises Jointly provide power units and airborne systems/equipment in the form of cooperation

among the domestic enterprises participating in the research and development, in addition to state-owned enterprises, there are also three private enterprises, Zhejiang Xizi United Holding Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Tongming lamp Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Hangda Aviation Technology Development Co., Ltd., which respectively undertake the research and development of non airtight hatch doors of domestic large aircraft, provide external lighting systems, and provide water and wastewater treatment systems

yesterday, COMAC's Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also signed a joint venture contract with Eaton company of the United States. The new joint venture will have comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities of fuel and hydraulic piping systems, and hopes to provide a full range of piping systems for the global civil aviation market

Wu Guanghui, deputy general manager of COMAC, told yesterday that at present, the C919 large aircraft is in the preliminary design stage, and the manufacturing, production and sub packaging of some parts will begin next year. According to Jin Zhuanglong, general manager of COMAC, this year, the C919 large passenger aircraft will determine the overall technical plan, general manufacturing plan and general customer service plan, and select body suppliers, power plant suppliers, system equipment suppliers, materials and standard parts suppliers. At the end of the year, it will enter the engineering development stage after being transferred to the engineering development stage by relevant departments. After design review, it will enter the engineering development stage in 2011. It is planned to make its first flight in 2014 and deliver it in 2016

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