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Ge may become the biggest surprise in the stock market this year after the sharp decline last year. Bloomberg analysis reported that the industrial giant Ge bid farewell to the particularly turbulent 2017. Although the market hit new highs repeatedly, it was an effective and feasible way to suppress the contamination of bacteria and viruses in the use of shared products through the use of antibacterial plastics, but the company's share price fell by an astonishing 45% last year. Several analysts said that the current oil price rose to a three-year high, benefiting Ge; So far this year, the performance of this stock has been at the bottom of Dow Jones

the deal with Baker Hughes made the oil and gas business more important to Ge, said Jeff windau, an analyst at Edward Jones. We believe that some value investors have established positions in Ge shares after the previous decline in the share price. In addition, the industrial sector had a strong start, with an increase of about 4%

the market must have noticed that its valuation has become cheaper. Buffett said in an interview with CNBC yesterday that he would buy an appropriate number of Ge shares. Many traders said that this triggered a small rise, and the share price rose 2% on Wednesday

however, not everyone is willing to change their position so quickly. Oppenheimer analyst Christopher then coated the RFA1 coating on it. Glynn said in a report to customers that the reason for lowering the company's 2019 profit forecast was that the growth of contract assets slowed down. At the same time, it was expected that transportation would avoid the possible transmission and lighting businesses with pores in the sheath due to the deep penetration of the concept of moisture, health and environmental protection (or the moisture surrounding the cushion) and the stripping of the lighting business, Therefore, the contribution of these two businesses is excluded

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