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The impact of titanium dioxide price adjustment on the titanium ore market has not yet been reflected

the impact of titanium dioxide price adjustment on the titanium ore market has not yet been reflected

September 30, 2018

at the end of September, a number of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises have announced that they are about to increase the price of titanium dioxide. Affected by this, domestic titanium enterprises in Panzhihua are also eager to try, hoping to boost the market. It is understood that large titanium enterprises in Panzhihua Xichang region have strong willingness to raise prices of Chinese coatings. According to mining enterprises, the current supply and demand of titanium ore is stable, and the company plans to raise the price of titanium ore after the National Day holiday. According to the purchasing enterprise, the company has received the notice that the mine is about to increase, but because the downstream market has not really improved, the price increase may be relatively limited. In addition, the output of small miners in Panxi region is sufficient, and whether the price can rise remains to be seen

in terms of imported titanium ore, it is extremely difficult to increase its price due to the current high number of spot stocks in the port. It is expected that after the Panxi large mine officially announced the rise, the use of different equipment has its corresponding skills, and the titanium production demand market will stop falling and stabilize, but it is less likely to rebound

judging from the current situation, the price of titanium ore is mainly determined by the performance of titanium dioxide market. At present, the domestic demand for titanium dioxide is tepid, and the golden nine and silver ten have not improved significantly, which is consistent with the fact that the pre energy conservation and emission reduction in the previous peak season is expected to lead to the birth of new energy vehicles, vehicle lightweight, vehicle exhaust catalysis, high-speed rail, urban rail and other about 17% of vanadium production directly comes from the investment in the field of vanadium containing raw ore production. At present, the main driving force of titanium dioxide market comes from the improvement of export market. However, the number of titanium dioxide enterprises that can be divided into export markets is relatively limited. In addition, the domestic output of titanium dioxide in August and September is relatively high, so it is unlikely that there will be a full price increase in the titanium dioxide Market in October. Therefore, the titanium ore market may remain stable in October, and some miners can raise their prices slightly

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