The impact of the latest tax exemption policy on t

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The impact of the new tax-free policy on the domestic packaging carton industry

the Ministry of finance of the people's Republic of China issued announcement No. 2 in 2007, "the catalogue of imported goods that are not tax-free for domestic investment projects (revised in 2006)" will be implemented from March 1, 2007, that is, the newly approved imported equipment for domestic investment projects will be implemented in accordance with the catalogue of imported goods that are not tax-free for domestic investment projects (revised in 2006). Among them, there is no lack of adjustment to the tax exemption provisions of printing machine equipment

the impact of the new tax-free policy on the printing machine industry

after China's entry into the WTO, the tariff policy of the national customs is still a powerful barrier to protect domestic enterprises. Just as Europe and the United States have carried out quota management and imposed high tariffs on China's textiles to protect their own interests, the policy of duty-free import of printing equipment should also promote technological progress, The role of promoting the healthy development of domestic printing and printing packaging machinery manufacturing industry. The adjustment of the import tax exemption policy of the new printing equipment will have a positive impact on the printing and packaging machinery manufacturing industry

1. According to the current situation of the rapid development of the printing industry, especially the downward trend of the labor price of the printing industry, it has reflected the industrial characteristics of printing supply exceeding demand. Raising the tax exemption threshold and attaching relevant technical requirements have played a macro-control role in restraining the rapid development of the printing industry and left market space for national equipment

2. The establishment of the new duty-free line for the import of sheet fed multi-color printing machines has left a broad space for the development of domestic printing machines and opportunities for equal competition. In particular, the manufacturing enterprises of sheet fed multi-color printing machines with four openings and below can fully display the price advantages and service advantages of domestic equipment, and open up domestic and international high and middle-end markets. Although the duty-free line of multi-color printing machine for folio paper is increased, the import pressure on domestic manufacturing enterprises is only partially reduced, because it is easy for foreign manufacturers to reach the duty-free line. At present, domestic manufacturing enterprises have just entered the field of double-sided and full sheet multicolor printing machines, and duty-free import is also the need of technological progress

3. The newly announced tax exemption policy clearly stipulates that the second power equipment cannot be imported duty-free, and also limits the relevant names, parameters and main characteristics of tax-free products, which is conducive to the policy grasp of the import department

impact on the packaging carton industry

the new tax exemption policy has a speed of 13000 sheets/hour for single-sided multicolor offset printing machines of full sheet and ultra full sheet, and the paper size is ≥ 1000mm × Tax exemption for 1400mm should be a favorable policy for the packaging carton industry. Because the domestic full sheet multi-color printing machine has just entered the trial production stage, there is still a certain gap in the maturity of products, and the super full sheet multi-color printing machine has not been produced by enterprises. Therefore, it is expected that the production capacity will not be formed in a few years, and the duty-free import will support the technological transformation and technological progress of packaging color cartons

the import of die-cutting machine is a newly increased tax-free policy, and the author believes that it is somewhat far fetched, because the mature printing and packaging machinery and equipment in China belongs to the full-automatic flattening die-cutting machine, and the sales volume of the whole industry exceeds 400billion yuan. In 2006, the import and export volume of this kind of equipment has been close to the trade balance (the other equipment is the paper cutting machine as the name suggests), which is more flexible, and the die-cutting speed has reached 7000 pieces/hour to 8000 pieces/hour, However, the tax-free line is only ≥ 4500 pieces/hour, which is obviously unreasonable

another equipment that can be imported duty-free is the satellite flexographic printing machine with a speed of ≥ 300 meters/minute, which is a policy conducive to the development of the packaging color carton industry. It shows the sample section selection box. Because the unit type and cascade flexographic printing machines have been produced in batches by many enterprises in China, it can fully meet the needs of the market

to sum up, the new import tax exemption policy for printing and packaging machinery and equipment is based on the original tax exemption policy, which improves the indicators and technical level, expands the scope of tax exemption, and further refines the unclear policy boundaries in the past. It should be said that there is room for further development of the printing and packaging machinery manufacturing industry, while giving great support to the technological transformation and equipment upgrading of the printing and packaging industry. Although there are still some unsatisfactory places, we should believe that it will play a positive role in the healthy development of China's printing industry

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