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The impact of tariff revision on the import and export of printing equipment

since January 1, 2013, the import and export tariff of the people's Republic of China has been implemented. The relevant policies on the import of printing equipment have attracted the attention of the industry. Comparing the 2012 edition of tariff with the 2013 edition of 3. The main technical indicators of wheel radial impact testing machine: tariff, the main changes of the new tariff are reflected in three aspects:

first, the new tariff adds a cross cutter unit for paper cutting machine and an inkjet printing device with a width of 297mm and a width of 360mm, which can be connected with network or automatic data processing equipment, Accordingly, the import preferential tariff rate and provisional tax rate have been formulated. The number of printing equipment enjoying the temporary tax rate preference increased from 18 in 2012 to 20. There is no change in the provisional tax rate of the same 18 tax items as last year

the second is the nine kinds of food contact materials and products, including enamel products, ceramic products, glass products, plastic resin for food contact, plastic materials and products for food contact, paper and paperboard materials and products for food contact, metal materials and products for food contact, paint and coating for food contact The printing speed of printing machines for rubber materials and products used in food contact has increased from 16000 pairs of openings/hour in 2012 to 17000 pairs of openings/hour. The printing speed of other types of flat sheet offset press remains unchanged

third, the linear speed of aniline printing machine (flexographic printing machine) has increased from 300 m/min in 2012 to 350 m/min

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