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GE technology selected for the milestone power generation project of China's steel industry -- Shanghai, China -- December 14, 2005 -- Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Baosteel Group Shanghai Pudong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. introduced GE Energy and oil and gas technology to build the world's largest COREX gas turbine combined cycle power generation project

"Ge has a good performance and reputation in the field of power generation in China, and this project marks the unique application of our technology in the field of steel production in China," said Steve fludder, President and CEO of GE Energy Group in China, "We have combined the global resources of multiple Ge business units to develop a set of innovative technologies, using a 9E gas turbine and a large gas compressor unit, which are organically integrated into the advanced steel-making process."

located in Luojing Town, Baoshan, Shanghai, to reduce noise, vibration and irregularity (NVH), the main feature of this project is to replace the traditional blast furnace with the cutting-edge technology of iron making in the world, produce molten iron with COREX furnace, blast with pure oxygen, and produce a large amount of medium calorific value COREX gas at the same time of producing molten iron; Gas is converted into electric energy by a 169000 kW gas turbine combined cycle generator set; Then the electric energy is supplied to the oxygen generating unit of Luojing project and other users to form the recycling of primary energy

"compared with traditional blast furnaces, the production of molten iron with COREX process has a much smaller impact on the environment. The application of GE's gas turbine combined cycle power generation system to COREX process will increase the energy saving rate by 10%. Energy saving and environmental protection are crucial to China in the 21st century. Therefore, Luojing project and the cooperation between Baosteel and Ge are a major measure that both sides are deeply proud of," said Fred

ge's equipment will arrive at the project site in China from January to April 2007. In addition to equipment supply, Ge automotive industry will also provide basic design, technical services, spare parts and training of the energy island as a key area

Shanghai Baosteel Group Co., Ltd. is a group company established in 1998. It is the largest steel production company in China, with an annual output of about 2000 tons of movable beams that automatically return to the original position at high speed

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