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Li Xinmin, deputy director of the pollution control department of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said on the 12th that at present, compared with gasoline vehicles, the emission error of diesel vehicles is generally negative, and the regulatory requirements are significantly relaxed. It is suggested that the national standard for road diesel vehicles should be revised as soon as possible and implemented in 2008

Li Xinmin made the above remarks at the International Symposium on the new development and policies of advanced diesel vehicles held on the 12th. He said that the principle for the formulation and implementation of national automotive environmental protection regulations is fuel neutrality, that is, the same environmental protection requirements are adopted for vehicles that use gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and natural high-resolution structures that can be reorganized after printing and fixed into arbitrarily shaped gas as fuel, and ultimately require their emissions to be stable and up to standard

in 2006, the number of registered cars in the country was about 49million, including about 10million diesel cars and about 13million three wheeled and low-speed trucks (using diesel). The consumption of vehicle diesel is close to 30million tons, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the total consumption of diesel

"compared with gasoline vehicles, the emission regulations of diesel vehicles are significantly relaxed; taking the light vehicle emission standard issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration in 2005 as an example, the nitrogen oxide limit of light diesel vehicles in the 'national 3' standard limit is more than three times that of gasoline vehicles; the particulate emission of light diesel vehicles is about 100 times that of light gasoline vehicles." Li Xinmin said

it is reported that the high sulfur content of automotive diesel is the "bottleneck" that restricts the development of diesel vehicle emission control technology and pollutant emission reduction. Since China has not yet formulated the corresponding low sulfur vehicle diesel standards, it brings difficulties to the implementation of stricter emission standards, and also makes many advanced diesel engine technologies unable to be applied in China, especially the diesel vehicle exhaust purification device

he said that in order to improve the ambient air quality and protect human health, the new diesel vehicles should be retrofitted with catalytic purification devices for controlling particulate matter and NOx Exhaust as soon as possible when the technology is mature. However, the premise is to ensure the supply of 1 vehicle diesel with sulfur content lower than 500ppm and 50ppm nationwide as soon as possible

he said that the implementation date was suggested to start from January 1st, 2008. It is suggested that the scope of the national standard of vehicle diesel is road diesel vehicles, including three wheeled and low-speed trucks; The scope of the light diesel standard is for other purposes except road diesel vehicles

"in addition, in order to ensure the application of advanced diesel vehicle technology on road vehicles, the national standard of automotive diesel should be raised from the recommended standard to the mandatory standard, which should be matched with the standard of automotive gasoline." He said

it is reported that the national standard for automotive diesel oil has been issued and implemented is light diesel oil, in which the mandatory provision is that the sulfur content is not greater than 2000ppm. The recommended provision of automotive diesel oil is that the sulfur content is not large, and in case of abnormal conditions, it should be immediately protected at 500ppm. The local standard of Beijing stipulates that the sulfur content is not greater than 350ppm

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