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The application method between NC lathe and tool rest

tool rest mechanism directly affects the cutting performance and cutting power of NC lathe. Therefore, the good or bad design of NC lathe tool rest and the high or low power will directly affect the processing time and quality of products, and then affect the rapid development of manufacturing industry

I. application method of turning tool in front and tool rest in back:

1 Rough lathe hair this oxfab has the ability of high chemical resistance, heat resistance and customized electrical performance. When the performance changes due to the special structure of the blank surface, first feed the tool at one end of the tailstock with strong rigidity, and then turn a section of cylindrical surface with equivalent diameter and standardized shape and position by the machine tool, and then gradually gently touch the cylindrical surface of the tool rest support claw of the cast iron material and lock it. Under the support effect of the lathe tool and support claw, support while cutting, The cutting method of expanding the bearing surface is to move forward smoothly to form a better workpiece surface

2. Due to centrifugal force, vibration and the wear of turning tool or supporting claw, the surface quality of the workpiece is poor, but the food, clothing, housing and transportation related to people's life at the end of the sample are closely related to plastic. When the reinforcing sheet is not firmly pasted, the above methods can be applied, and the method of small back cutting and large feeding can be used for multiple cutting

the operation of NC lathe tool in front and tool rest behind is the basic operation method of turning slender rod process. The workpiece surface formed by machine tool cutting is the datum surface and support surface of subsequent processing, which has a decisive effect on the processing quality of workpiece

second, the tool rest is in front and the turning tool is in the back. The supporting claw of the tool rest is supported on the outer diameter of the processed workpiece, and the turning tool is selected to follow closely

1. When the shape and position accuracy of the excircle formed by rough turning, such as roundness, coaxiality and cylindricity, is good, the supporting claw of the heel rest can be replaced with wear-resistant data with high hardness. The excircle is the supporting surface, and the turning tool carries out semi finishing and finishing of the excircle under the guidance of the supporting claw

2. If the workpiece diameter is tapered step by step, the turning tool or supporting claw is seriously worn. At this time, under the original cutting conditions, such as the same turning tool, support claw and cutting amount, the support claw of the tool heel can be supported on the outer circle of the workpiece with taper, and the subsequent cutting method of the turning tool is to use the larger diameter of the support surface of the tool heel, and the larger cutting amount of the back of the turning tool

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