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Tips for the application of cosmetic hose packaging (Part 2)

functional improvement of hose

now, as more and more personal care and beauty products companies choose hose packaging, their suppliers are also increasing investment in the performance improvement and category expansion of hose products. Their goal is to further improve the function and appearance image of the increasingly popular hose packaging

the latest member in the hose packaging series of continental packaging solutions is a PE composite. The first step of the compliance inspection of food contact materials is whether the materials and additives are authorized hoses, which can provide users with five customized choices of different diameters and lengths. This kind of hose adopts the composite structure of PE and other resin materials, which makes its barrier performance better than LDPE hose, and can be completely recycled at the same time. For stronger barrier performance, EVOH copolymer can also be added to such hoses. Its exterior decoration scheme includes four-color overprint, spot color printing and high gloss or matte coating. This kind of hose applies advanced technology to minimize the visualization of hose joints and make its appearance more attractive

with the increasing efficacy requirements of cosmetics, it is necessary to adopt more advanced hose packaging technology to accommodate these cosmetics products with more advanced formulas. Nowadays, skin care products and cosmetics are becoming more and more delicate and complex. Those products with innovative formulas need hoses with the same innovative technology to package, hayet of world wide packaging said. In this regard, world wide packaging and Alcan have the ability to provide hose packaging that can accommodate two groups of formulas without degrading the performance of either product

for example, the structure of tube in tube products provided by world wide packaging company is composed of 22 mm inner lumen and 30 mm outer lumen. The oval head of this hose contains two outlets, which can extrude products from both lumens at the same time; At the same time, it is also equipped with an oval cap, which is used to maintain the necessary isolation of the two different formulas before use

alcan packaging beauty also designed a composite material hose that can be loaded with two different formulas at the same time. According to the company, this package is to put a 25mm hose in a 35mm hose. The prominent feature is that it adopts a clover shaped opening, which can distribute products with the same viscosity in equal quantities according to customer requirements

hose packaging suppliers are also developing new product specifications to help customers develop more marketing methods. In this regard, world wide packaging company has added a 13mm plastic hose product, which has doubled its sales and profits every year in the past five years. The inclined nozzle design is more suitable for the application of lipstick products. It is also equipped with a circular pipe cover, which is smoothly connected with other parts of the pipe body. According to the company, the hose can be made of EVOH copolymers with single, double and five layers

cosmopak has always focused on the operability of hose packaging. The result of their low friction, low damping and good lateral force resistance is the introduction of a new 40ml tottle hose, which is made of PP and PETG, and the stop valve equipped with patented technology can be activated by a sliding button. The design of wide nozzle and closed bottom makes it easier to fill. When the filling is completed, the brush and the tube cover are immediately clamped in place. This hose is equipped with a 17 mm brush and a flat scraper

in addition, the handle of hose products has also been paid more and more attention. Lageen tuboplast has added a tactile decorative layer to its hose series. The company currently uses relief printing for surface decoration, which can enhance the texture, feel and light reflection of the hose. According to the spokesman of the company, these decorative effects not only improve the ability of the product to attract consumers to a higher level, but also play a more functional role, such as increasing the grip under wet conditions

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