The application of AI in preschool education will

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The application of artificial intelligence in preschool education will be more and more mature, and the combination of man and machine will become a trend

at present, more and more entrepreneurs are chasing the outlet of AI, and the education industry is one of its hottest tracks. In the investment and financing activities in the education market, the financing amount of early childhood education follows k12 education and vocational training, and ranks in the top three. It is a hot investment field in the education industry

after thousands of years of development, the essence of Chinese education has not changed, but the only change is the way and method of education. Therefore, in the current era of artificial intelligence, all kinds of teaching aids around education itself and education need to be upgraded

what can AI do in preschool education

at present, the preschool education industry faces many problems that need to be solved urgently, such as the safety of children, the shortage of teachers, the popularization of characteristic courses, and so on. Now there are good solutions: face recognition, emotion recognition, voice recognition technology. In addition, cloud computing ability, intelligent multimedia platform, intelligent big data platform, and storage technology due to different functions will be applied in the preschool education industry

ai security

face recognition technology can solve the problem that parents need to punch in and out of kindergartens because they forget to bring their cards. It is often reported that bad people pretend to be parents to take their children away, or abduct their children near kindergartens. Today's recognition technology has been applied to the Ministry of public security. If someone always walks suspiciously outside the kindergarten, the system can recognize and automatically alarm, effectively ensuring the safety of kindergarten students

ai teaching assistant

the intelligent preschool education system can collect the activity data of each child in the kindergarten according to face recognition, the diet corresponds to the physical condition, the environmental atmosphere corresponds to the activity scene, etc., and regularly feed back the data to parents to reduce the workload of teachers. AI can also help teachers spread knowledge, reduce the burden, and enlarge and collect the whole number of auto parts experimental machines. Through emotion and speech activity recognition, it can analyze the different reactions of each child to the education link, and slowly upgrade to formulate the education link that can be accepted by children. Spend more time focusing on emotional exchanges and caring for the growth of children

Nowadays, the educational level of parents in the new era is getting higher and higher, and the relative requirements for the quality of preschool education are getting higher and higher. "In order to have a good opportunity for children's growth, some educational toys, bionic toys, children's fitness toys, high-tech intelligent toys have become the trend of development in the future. For example, preschool education robots can automatically search for answers according to children's questions, which solves the embarrassment that parents can't answer questions and the problem that they don't have time to accompany children. Use play and fragmentation to mobilize children's interest in learning

is AI + preschool education meeting the next outlet

a survey on household consumption expectations at a certain station shows that the largest expenditure plan is children's education, accounting for 45.6%. Early childhood education has gradually become a social rigid need. According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, it is expected that by 2020, the population aged 0-6 will reach about 104million, and the scale of China's early childhood education service market will increase from 179.3 billion in 2011 to 627.1 billion in 2018. It is expected to reach 814.6 billion by 2020, with a promising prospect

in terms of national policies, in April 2016, the state proposed the development strategy of the robot industry development plan 2016-2010. In July 2017, the State Council issued the new generation artificial intelligence development plan. In December of the same year, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the three-year action plan for promoting the development of the new generation artificial intelligence industry (2018-2020). This year, the country takes artificial intelligence and vigorously develop the robot industry as an important development goal

based on the considerable market prospect and the continuous promotion of policies, the application of artificial intelligence in the field of preschool education will become more and more mature, and the education mode of man-machine integration will also become a trend

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