The application of digital pressure gauge is brief

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This paper briefly introduces the application of digital pressure gauge

digital pressure gauge has the advantages of visual display, no visual error, small temperature drift, automatic correction, excellent linearity and high sensitivity. It is widely used in the pressure measurement and control of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, urban water supply, sewage treatment, hydrological exploration, refrigerant system, natural gas pipeline transportation, gas pipeline construction leak detection and other industries

general digital pressure gauges are widely used in various fields of life, such as digital pressure gauges installed on urban water supply, sewage treatment, natural gas pipeline transmission and other pipelines

medical vacuum digital pressure gauge (negative pressure gauge) is based on the production conditions of ordinary industrial digital pressure gauge, adding several production and inspection processes, so as to meet the medical insurance and expand from imitation skills to the use of digital skill health equipment industry. At present, medical vacuum digital (negative pressure) meters have been widely used in beauty instruments and beauty machinery, as well as medical instruments such as sputum aspirators, ventilators, ultrasonic nebulizers and medical ENT treatment tables

because the gases or liquids involved in industrial enterprises such as petroleum, chemical industry, pesticides, painting, etc. are corrosive before selecting fixtures, their pressure measurement must use special corrosion-resistant digital pressure gauges. Special digital pressure gauges are suitable for occasions where pressure measuring instruments have special requirements in the production process of various industrial departments. All parts of acid resistant digital pressure gauge are made of stainless steel. With strong corrosion resistance, it is suitable for detecting the pressure of highly corrosive media and used in harsh external corrosive environment

refrigerant (refrigerant, snow) is also known as refrigeration engineering, which is the working medium of the refrigeration cycle. It uses the phase change of refrigerant to transfer heat, that is, the refrigerant absorbs heat when vaporizing in the evaporator and releases heat when condensing in the condenser. At present, there are many kinds of substances that can be used as refrigerants, the most commonly used are ammonia, freon, and a few hydrocarbons. In a refrigeration system, a working fluid used to transfer heat energy and produce a refrigeration effect. According to the working mode, it can be divided into primary refrigerant and secondary refrigerant. According to the classification of material properties, it can be divided into natural refrigerant and synthetic refrigerant. Refrigerant digital pressure gauge, also known as snow gauge or Freon gauge, is used to measure the pressure of various refrigeration systems in refrigeration systems or equipment, such as air conditioning equipment, cold storage refrigeration systems, industrial chillers, cold coal filling equipment, central air conditioning, etc

the measurement of gas and liquid pressure involved in the fuel in the power system is complex. The measurement of pressure involves the production safety of the power system, and there are many pressure gauges used, such as drum pressure indicator, feed water control valve pressure gauge, reheater. It is expected that the scrap market will narrow the consolidation pressure gauge, once through Boiler Start-up Separator pressure gauge, once through boiler primary steam water system block valve pressure gauge Oil inlet and return pressure gauges for oil fired boilers, gas boiler inlet pressure gauges, compressed air source pressure gauges, furnace negative pressure gauges, etc. These pressure gauges require high temperature resistance and long service life. The digital pressure gauge gradually replaces the pointer pressure gauge to improve the safety factor. (manufacturers of medium and small-scale composite polyurethane adhesives are still the main body of the industry end)

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